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Good quality sparkplugs are hard to find for older gasoline tractors and engines. Using sparkplug adapters solves this problem.
The adapters allow the use of 14 mm automotive sparkplugs in engines that require larger sparkplugs.
Automotive sparkplugs are more robust and readily available. Today automotive sparkplugs are guaranteed for 100,000 miles in an automobile engine. This would equate to years in a tractor.
Platinum sparkplugs are available in 14 mm size only. These plugs may enhance engine starting and performance. With sparkplug adapters, platinum plugs can be used in practically any engine.

Zerk Blaster is the solution to a stubborn or clogged grease zerk problem. It always seems that one or two grease zerks on a piece of equipment do not want to take grease.
The inner workings of this unit consist of a high-pressure section and a back pressure section. When attached to your grease gun and a plugged zerk is encountered, the high-pressure section will be charged with 10,000 psi, this is when you will notice that your grease gun becomes very difficult to pump. The back pressure section holds this pressure against the zerk. At this point, the drive pin in the back pressure section can be hit with a hammer.
The unique feature about the Zerk Blaster unit is that your starting pressure is 10,000 psi not 0 psi like all other units on the market.
This tool increases the pressure of a grease gun by more than 10 times from 10,000 to over 100,000 psi.

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